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 The Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association (SECA) has named HealthSource Plus as the official supplier of the Group Benefits Plan to the SECA.  The program for our members is exclusive to the SECA and takes advantage of our considerable buying power.  We are pleased to report that many SECA members are already taking advantage of the unique program that is designed to save our members money on their employee benefits programs – permanently.  Our members will benefit from long-term permanent savings on their employee benefits by working with HealthSource Plus.


Who is Eligible?

  •  Your      centre participates in the SECA Group Benefits Plan.
  • You      are a licensed Family Child Care Provider.
  • You      are a new employee.
  • You      are a current Professional or Child Care Assistant or Family Child Care      member of Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association.
  • You      have completed the group benefits waiting period.
  • You      are a permanent full-time employee working a minimum of 20 hours per week


Types of Coverage?

The plan offers either individual or family coverage. If your dependants (children and/or spouse) are not covered under any other plan they automatically will be covered under your plan at the family rate. If your spouse (legal or common law) has a plan that provides you with sufficient health and dental care coverage, you may opt out of that portion of the SECA plan. You can be covered for life and disability insurance at a lower premium.




 Two Plan Options have been created under the SECA Group Benefits Plan.  The coverage details are outline on the next page along with their related costs.  Each centre decides, as a whole, which option they would like to implement (decision is not made on an individual basis).


Life, AD&D, Dependent Life, LTD  and STD Coverage:

These benefits are mandatory.  Short Term Disability (STD) coverage is only mandatory if that centre chooses to implement Plan Option 2:


Healthcare, Drug and Dental Coverage:

These benefits are mandatory unless you have coverage through your spouse’s plan in which case you can waive healthcare, drug and dental coverage:









Deductible Nil Nil
Co-Insurance 80% 80%
Hospital Semi-private Semi-private
Paramedical Limits $300/yr./practitioner $500/yr./practitioner
Private Duty Nursing $5,000/yr. $5,000/yr.
Out of Country Expenses $5,000,000 per trip +$5,000/insured of trip cancellation   insurance. $5,000,000 per trip +$5,000/insured of trip cancellation   insurance.
Vision Care Benefits No coverage No coverage
Termination Age Age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier Age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier


Deductible $9 dispensing fee cap $9 dispensing fee cap
Co-Insurance 80% 80%
Delivery Drug Card Drug Card
Drug Definition Prescription Generic Prescription Generic
Termination Age Age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier Age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier



Deductible Nil Nil
Co-Insurance 80% 80%
Maximum Benefit $1,500/yr./family member combined   with Major Restorative $1,500/yr./family member combined   with Major Restorative
Examination Recall 6 months 6 months
Co-Insurance 50% 50%
Maximum Benefit $1,500/yr./family member combined   with Basic Services $1,500/yr./family member combined   with Basic Services
Co-Insurance Not covered Not covered
ODA Fee Guide Current fee guide Current fee Guide

Termination Age

Age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier Age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier


24 months 24 months

WELLNESS (Physical & Mental)

Health Source Plus is also the first consulting firm in Canada to embed a complete Wellness Program into their employee benefits program for free.  The HealthSource Plus TOTAL Wellness Program is designed to help your employees stop smoking, lose weight, eat right and reduce the stress in their lives. This will help control your long term health costs by introducing a culture of wellness to your employees.



  • Included at no cost to you a Medical Second Opinion Service.  Diagnosis+ provides reassurance by helping you obtain a confirmation of your diagnosis and, where applicable, the treatment plan that is best adapted to your situation.

Total Wellness Program

  • Access to a full suite of FREE wellness programs including:

v  Three types of individual health risk assessments.

v  Stress Management and Substance Abuse assistance tools. Provides assistance in treating the root of emotional causes of addictive behavior using a method called “structural cognitive training”.  Participants learn how to make rational choices rather than emotional decisions.

v  On-line courses are available to quit smoking, lose weight and improve nutrition.

v  These courses proved to be among the best solutions in North America with success rates exceeding 70%.


Employee Assistance Program through POSACTION Plus

  • helps employees and their dependents address personal and workplace problems.  You and your dependents will have access to confidential assistance, face-to-face counseling, information, action planning, and referrals on a range of issues, including child and elder care research and referrals.



COST of Program & Rate Guarantees

The following is a list of the unit rates associated with the SECA Group Benefits Plan:





Life Insurance






Dependent Life



Long Term Disability



Short Term Disability

Not covered



$46.66 single/$137.38 family

$47.59 single/$144.81 family


$29.49 single/$83.86family

$29.49 single/$83.86 family


The SECA Group Benefits Plan is a unique program that was designed and developed solely for the members of the
child care industry in the Province of SASKATCHEWAN.



Some unique features of this plan are:

  • No underwriting- that is- no medical or medical information of any kind is required to      be covered.
  • Permanent Full-time      employees working 20+ hours per week are eligible.
  • Family Child Care      Providers are eligible for full      coverage.
  • Employee Assistance      Program, counselling for      employees and all family members.
  • Total Wellness Program – available to you and      your eligible dependents.
  • Continuation of health care benefits to dependants for 2 years after an employee’s death.
  • Full Out of Country Coverage + $5,000 per      insured of Trip Cancellation Insurance.
  • Extension of benefits      while on maternity leave, leave of absence, or during your centre’s summer closure.


For more information on the SECA Group Benefits Plan:

Lindsey Williams

380 Main Street Suite 1800

Winnipeg, MB

1-204-940-3978/ 1-866-940-3950